Bottom Galvanized Steel

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    PTO cone guards and PTO caps

Technical draw


The bottom galvanized steel has two features:
The whole of the bottom of the laser drilling predisposed to the fixing of all the groups and all the boxes on the market;
The adaptability: three types of bottoms for each diameter are available (230-205-180 mm).

Operating Instructions
1 – Damaged Guard not be used and should be immediately replaced.
2 – Do not step on Cone Guards.
3 – Cone Guard must overlap with Shaft Guard of minimum 50mm.
4 – Mounting: ensure both screws and washers are properly tightened onto flat face of the Guard.

Upon request, our PTO Cone Guards are supplied with Instructions Manual and Certificate of Conformity (CE 89/392, 91/368, 93/94 e 93/68).

To have Instructions Manual and Certificate of Conformity included, simply add “CE” to our part number (i.e. MP02755 is supplied without any document, MP02755CE is supplied with Manual and Certificate of Conformity).

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