Quality and ecology

The world around us

To adopt an integrated management system aimed at Quality and the Environment means developing business activities in which the Customer, understood either as the product user or the environment community, or as the internal operator or as the supplier and partner, is put at the heart of any actions that are planned and implemented.

SEAT PLASTIC, driven by a strong desire to grow by improving social welfare as well as the welfare of its current and future associated, has adopted an officially – recognized quality management system that provides instructions concerning the objectives and strategies to adopt corresponding to the prevailing standards. It also permits periodic progress checks.
Improvement of business performance is also carried out in terms of environmental protection. SEAT srl is therefore constantly engaged in improving production processes ad gives considerable attention to the use of resources for preventing pollution and risks.

In this way, we can:

  • manage waste products by promoting their recovery and reducing disposal;
  • keep pollution from liquid effluents, and atmospheric and sound emissions to a minimum;
  • give special attention to handling substances used in the production cycle that are potentially harmful to the environment;
  • promote a systematic rationalization of electric energy consumption;
  • sensitize and involve workers so they act accordingly to protect the environment.

SEAT PLASTIC, such as all of the AMA Group companies, are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
The SEAT PLASTIC quality system is integrated with BRC certification (Global Standard – Packaging and Packaging Materials).


Company with management system certified by DNV GL
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